At the May 6 Board Meeting, the Old Riverside Foundation Board of Directors made the difficult decision to postpone our annual home tour to May 2022. This was a painful choice for the Board, and one that was not taken lightly.

While there were many reasons for making this decision, the main reason was our desire to put on the best event possible and to continue the tradition of showing off the beauty of some stunning Riverside homes up close and at a leisurely pace. The intimate nature of the tour does not lend itself to social distancing, and we were unable to come up with a solution that met necessary protocols while still maintaining the event quality Old Riverside Foundation aspires to and which patrons have grown to expect.

The progress against the pandemic has been encouraging, but there is still uncertainty going forward, making forward planning difficult. Planning the Home Tour typically takes a lead time of at least six months after locations have been secured.

Finally there are the homeowners to consider. Generous homeowners open their homes to the public, for which we are very grateful. We have an incredible lineup of homes planned for this mid-century themed event, but the consensus is that delaying until May 2022 is more agreeable to all parties than pushing forward with an October 2021 event.

This is as disappointing to us as we imagine it is for you, but we hope to see you all In May 2022 for our best Home Tour yet!

We are also planning a different event to enjoy for Fall 2021, so stay tuned.


Old Riverside Foundation Board

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