Each year, Old Riverside Foundation recognizes home and business owners for excellence in the restoration, maintenance, and adaptive reuse of historic structures. These annual Preservation Awards draw attention to those who demonstrate the benefits of preservation to the community and set an example for others.

Awards are given for exterior projects that are visible to the community, and preference is given to structures that are at least fifty years old. All projects must maintain the architectural and historic integrity of the structure, keep it in sound and usable condition, and be done in an aesthetically pleasing manner.


  • Restoration
    Work that not only repairs but recreates as closely as possible original architectural elements of a structure's early appearance.
  • Craftsmanship
    This award recognizes outstanding skill in a craft or trade, or custom work that replicates specific original features.
  • Maintenance & Rehabilitation
    General maintenance and upkeep of a structure including repairs to windows, doors, or eaves; new paint; appropriate landscaping; sensitive and appropriate reconstruction.
  • Adaptive Reuse
    This award is given for adapting an existing building to a new use while retaining its historic features and original character. The Riverside Art Museum, Taco Station, and SolarMax, and The Cheech are examples of appropriate adaptive reuse.
  • New Construction
    In this category, we recognize new structures that are built to resemble or be compatible with nearby existing architectural styles and scale.
  • Special Award
    A catch-all category for any noteworthy preservation project that does not fall into the categories above.

A project may be nominated in several categories. For example, an owner might receive an award for Maintenance while their tradesperson receives an award for Craftsmanship.

To nominate a structure or an individual for a Preservation Award, please fill out the form below. The nomination period opens on January 1 and closes on August 15 of each year.

The Joanne Pease-Simpson Award for Lifetime Achievement in Historic Preservation

In its first decade, Old Riverside Foundation established a Founder's Award “designed to be given rarely” and in honor of accomplishments “in the historic preservation arena.” In 2015, the board of directors named the award in honor of late board member and longtime volunteer Joanne Pease-Simpson.


Peter J. Weber (1981)

Dr. Judith Schaeffer

Kathy Maddox

Joan Hall

Peter N. Weber (2019)

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