About Us

Board of Directors


President: Mike Gentile

Vice President: Carol McDoniel

Treasurer: Ruth West

Secretary: Nancy Parrish

Directors at Large

Greg Pool

Jennifer Gamble

Tara Gann

Rebekah Manning

Andrew Villalobos

About ORF

Old Riverside Foundation is a non-profit, civic organization incorporated July 25, 1979. We are dedicated to the recognition, appreciation, and preservation of the built environment (buildings, feats of engineering, parks, avenues, landscaping features, and archeological remains) throughout Riverside and the Inland Empire.

The Foundation Will:

– Encourage the conservation of Historic Neighborhoods

– Sponsor educational programs on Historic Preservation (meetings, seminars, technical information, walking tours, publications, etc.)

– Provide information on tax advantages and grants available from local, state, and federal agencies for the preservation of commercial and residential properties

– Create imaginative programs for the continued and adaptive reuse of sites and structures

– Assist home-owners and building trades to learn preservation requirements and techniques for the preservation and maintenance of heritage structures

– Promote dialogue among all preservation groups and individuals

old riverside foundation

About Our Logo:

This Victorian era home once stood at the corner of Sixth and Lime Streets (now a parking lot for a modern office building). The little Victorian was just one of a whole street of small Victorians, similar to the one at 3650 15th, dating to the late 1880’s. Some of them were lost to the community when SR91 was built in 1958.

Four remained by 1979 when the Old Riverside Foundation was chartered. One of the very first efforts in historic preservation was to try to save these remaining four houses and a G. Stanley Wilson Spanish Colonial school house which stood across Sixth Street. We were unsuccessful in our efforts. However, we symbolically saved the little house by making it our logo.